Data Center Networks Reap Hefty Security Benefits From Machine Learning

Anyone who's run data center networks recently knows that security is a vital point of everyday operations. Merely calling it “vital” almost seems an insulting level of understatement. Improving security, therefore, is the ongoing task of virtually every data center network. In recent days, machine learning systems have stepped up and provided a whole new level of security, enough to take on even some of the worst in cyber security threats.

How Machine Learning Has Delivered on Security for Data Center Networks

Thanks to machine learning, data center networks have achieved a whole new level of security thanks to several key factors.

Routine tasks automation. With machine learning systems, data center networks benefit from a new level of automation. This helps network security on multiple fronts, including the ability to immediately cue up responses under certain conditions. For instance, when the system detects critical breaches, it can respond by sealing off certain assets to block the breach traffic from proceeding. Automated event responses also free up live human team members, who can be routed as needed to deal with events of growing severity.

Expanded coverage. Kenna Security's principal security engineer, Jerry Gamblin, noted that in 2018, IT security teams discovered an average of 40 new system vulnerabilities every day. Just trying to keep a security staff apprised of all those new vulnerabilities would take a large portion out of every workday. Worse, businesses barely capitalized on two percent of the identified weaknesses. Machine learning tools can keep much better track of all these new vulnerabilities, and cover the lightly-traveled potential attack routes created as a result.

Trimmed-down data flow. The benefits of machine learning go beyond identifying new security vulnerabilities emerging in data center networks. Every day, security teams need to keep abreast of new issues that often turn into little more than potential problems. New alerts, new possible anomalies that could become attack vectors, and an ongoing flood of new patches each can overwhelm technical staff. Machine learning, meanwhile, helps manage threat intelligence by learning and presenting its findings in a more summarized fashion.

Data Center Networks Security Improvements Start Here

Whether you're looking to put machine learning to work in data center network improvements, or you're planning some more conventional improvements, start by dropping us a line at EmconIT. We can provide security on several fronts, including social media review, external penetration testing, email security testing to counter phishing attacks, and several others. The security of your data center networks can never be over-emphasized, and all it takes to get started improving it is to reach out to us.