Boost the Immune                                                                                                   System of Your                                                                                               Infrastructure

Maintenance support warranty for all computer environments and data centers. Specializing in post warranty and End of Life hardware.



Optimize your data center, reduce downtime and minimize costs with one of our comprehensive, customizable storage support solutions.



Providing our clients with services above the standard hardware maintenance plan. Installation and configuration services available.



EmconIT's networking maintenance plans are tailored to fit the individual needs and requirements of each client to ensure maximum reliability.


Tape Library

Improve the lifecycle of your technological investments by utilizing one of our flexible maintenance plans to secure your critical data.

Service Advantages

    EmconIT provides each client with a customized mission critical spare-kit to fit their hardware requirement and needs. We recommend the kits be stocked on site; however, If no on-site stocking options exist, EmconIT will utilize one of our forward stocking and distribution centers on behalf of our clients to ensure parts availability. Our distribution centers operate 24x7x365 and provide both will call and courier options.
  • ✔ 60-70% Savings off your OEM Support
  • ✔ Service First Policy
  • ✔ Disk Retention Included
  • ✔ Customized Programs
  • ✔ Mixed Service Level Agreements
  • ✔ Global Coverage Available
  • ✔ Fixed Renewal Pricing
  • ✔ 30 Day Cancellation Policy
  • ✔ Streamlined Contract Management
  • ✔ Single POC and Dedicated Support Team
  • ✔ Tier 3 - Subject Matter Expert Engineers

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