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The speed of flash technology has made it an essential component of the modern data center. But, flash’s superior performance comes at a steep price, making it impractical for all but a handful of today’s enterprise applications. This forces businesses to erect infrastructure silos—resulting in complexity and sprawl—to meet their basic performance and capacity requirements. Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform eliminates this trade-off with a single storage architecture that can address the needs of all critical applications, and delivers performance and capacity in the most efficient way possible.


The Nimble Adaptive Flash platform provides enterprise IT organizations a single architectural approach to dynamically tune storage resources to the needs of demanding workloads. Adaptive Flash is based on CASL™, Nimble Storage’s patented Cache-Accelerated Sequential Layout architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s automated cloud-based management and support system. CASL allows performance and capacity to be scaled seamlessly and independently to accommodate efficient data center growth. InfoSight ensures flash will be deployed intelligently to satisfy the fluctuating requirements of enterprise applications, eliminating the wasteful over-provisioning of storage resources.


Enterprise IT organizations are under intense pressure to rapidly deploy and fully leverage business applications to better service customers, empower employees and build sustainable growth. In turn, the justification for infrastructure investments has shifted from solely achieving CapEx and OpEx efficiencies to quantifying the overall value they deliver to moving the business forward.

The Power of Adaptive Flash

Instantly adjust to address all critical application requirements

  • Provide multiple service levels to eliminate storage silos with a single architecture for all applications
  • Grow seamlessly by scaling, compute, cache, or capacity independently and non-disruptively
  • Minimize risk with integrated SmartSnap snapshots and consistent backups,
  • SmartSecure encryption, and efficient SmartReplicate disaster recovery
  • Improve IT productivity with push-button deployment and the proactive, analytics-based support of InfoSight

Adaptive Flash customers realize dramatic benefits

  • Up to 10x reduction in data center footprint
  • 60% less spent on power and cooling
  • Up to 500K IOPS performance
  • Greater than five-nines level of system availability
  • 60-90% less administration time