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Ensure the safety and compliance of your business security policies by one of our CISSP representatives.

External Penetration Testing

Gain the knowledge of common attack vectors used to attack your company. Gain valuable insights as to how public information and your firms Internet presence can pose a cyber-risk. Our security engineers will gather information using public resources and without prior information on your company to develop a risk assessment highlighting your external cyber assets and develop an informational dossier to identify key attack vectors.

  • Information gathering regarding corporate structure
  • Social Media Review for Identified Employees
  • Network Mapping and Vulnerability Assessment for Exposed Systems
  • Technical and Policy recommendations to improve the security of your company

Email Security (Phishing) & Security Awareness Testing

The most common attack vector and threat today is via email. Common ransom ware attacks like Cryptolocker use email to gain access to your network. While anti-virus systems provide some protection most are unable to detect threats which have been modified to circumvent anti-virus detection. The only proven method is continuous testing and a proper training. Our team develops targeted phishing emails that are sent to your employees. This allows high risk employees to be identified for further training.

  • Multiple email templates developed to target employees
  • High risk employees identified for further testing
  • High quality slides and training materials to educate your employees on proper email security and phishing detection techniques.
  • Security policies and email usage policies to integrate within your own corporate policies

Comprehensive Security Risk Assessment and Policy Review

Penetration testing is only a single facet of a larger security program. Our network security experts will provide a full risk assessment, comparing your security policies and vulnerability management practices against known industry standards. This service includes.

  • Network Inventory of Systems
  • Verification of Patch Management & Vulnerability Management
  • Identification of Potential Security Risks
  • Identification of third party vendor security risks
  • Comprehensive review of current security policies