Third Party Maintenance:
A Smart Move?

Concerned about trusting your hardware to someone else? Worried about the costs of a third party provider? Keep your valuable hardware running longer with third party maintenance (TPM), a concept that everybody from Fortune 100 firms to local small businesses are increasingly turning to. What do you get with TPM? Start with cost savings between 40% and 80% off OEM pricing. Did you know…?

  • 71% of Fortune 100 firms trust TPM.
  • TPM means longer hardware life.

TPM can mean huge savings and better service. Sign up for our 20 minute webinar, and get a handle on everything you need to know about this growing tech service. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!

In This Webinar, You'll Discover:

How TPM can deliver substantial cost savings

How competition in the TPM market works for you

How TPM means longer hardware life

Why growing numbers of firms are turning to TPM

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