AI and the Data Center: A Winning Combination

Data centers have become increasingly part of the corporate landscape — and with good reason. A data center can help drive improvements in customer experience, give vital insight into operations, and fuel growth and development throughout the business itself. The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to add fuel to that fire. With a Gartner report claiming that, by 2025, 80% of enterprises will shut down traditional data centers, it's an opportunity to see where the merger of AI and the data center will take us.

Where AI and the Data Center Can Really Connect

The data center is a powerful thing, and combining AI and the data center can make it even more so.

Energy savings. Data centers are notorious power hogs. Between the power required to run the servers therein and the power required for their care and maintenance — especially cooling — data centers consume a lot of wattage. AI, meanwhile, can provide much-needed efficiency, which reduces the amount of power required to carry out normal operations.

Improved server use. Server optimization is another excellent point for fusing AI and the data center. With the addition of AI, traffic can be better routed across servers, which again improves efficiency, but also helps ensure that no one server is overloaded unless the entire system is overloaded. Improved server performance and disk utilization, among other points, means a better user experience delivered for less resource consumption as well as a clearer picture of when upgrades are necessary.

Futureproofing. That last point, “a clearer picture of when upgrades are necessary,” is evident throughout the connection of AI and the data center. Unplanned downtime can be a disaster; depending on the circumstances, it can cost lost opportunity or outright expenses if a service-level agreement (SLA) is involved somewhere in there. Since AI is capable of learning and recognizing patterns, it can tell when even the smallest deviation from the norm arises, potentially signaling a larger problem in the works.

How to Take Advantage of the Power of AI and the Data Center

There are numerous ways AI and the data center can improve a business's operations, but it has to be set up correctly to see the most value. To ensure the best chance at success, start by getting in touch with us at EmconIT. We've worked with some of the biggest brands around, including DellEMC, NetApp, and HP3 Par, and we can bring that kind of efficiency and effectiveness to your operations as well. So just reach out to us to get the process started, and see what impact AI and the data center together can have for you.