Third Party Hardware Maintenance (TPM)

TPM keeps hardware running past “end of life,” bringing time and +70% cost savings over OEM pricing.

Over 25 years of experience

10-point certification process for all our engineers

Gartner-recognized for third party maintenance

Domestic and international service delivery

Hardware and software solutions

For businesses, the term “end of life” in hardware can seem like a death knell for the pocketbook. You end up wondering if you have to spend a fortune to upgrade, or run the risk of downtime, lost opportunities, and data breaches due to your aging hardware.

Gartner finds you can save 50-90% with third party maintenance (TPM) contracts off of original equipment manufacturing (OEM) pricing.

This is where third party hardware maintenance makes a significant difference. At EmconIT, we’ve been providing the best in third party hardware maintenance for over 25 years. We outperform the average industry SLA by 7.9%, which includes both connect and hold times on calls as well as same-day part fixes. Our 10-point certification process ensures we have the top engineers on your projects. When you choose EmconIT’s third party hardware maintenance, you gain a complete, end-to-end maintenance option for all your vital IT hardware at the industry’s most affordable rates. We provide:

  • Hardware Break Fix
  • Software Help Desk
  • Storage Support: Mid-range and enterprise support with monitoring and software help desk available. Level 4 remote technical expertise.
  • Proactive Storage Monitoring: Quarterly reports created to provide you with an overview of your systems storage efficiency, capacity forecasting, protocol latency, CPU & disk utilization. Ask us about our Enterprise Monitor portal set for Beta release in 2020 which will use live data for trends and improved graphing.
  • Server Support: Industry standard rackmount, blade and tower servers, and mid-range and enterprise/mainframe complex servers.
  • Tape Library Support: Major manufacturers, new or legacy, including DAT, SLDT, and LTO tape drives (all generations).
  • Network Support: Access to certified TAC engineers, support network switches, and blade centers. 24×7 technical support with CCIE and CCNP.

Your Business Will Enjoy:

Maximum flexibility Gain access to flexible support programs and complete EOL life-cycle extensions backed up by our Tier 3 engineers. Our optional onsite OEM-quality parts arrangement also ensures the closest fit in spare parts.

Top-notch customer service Our US-based call centers support you 24x7x365. Storage monitoring alerts keep you up to date whenever any issues arise.

Competitive pricing Not only do we use fixed renewal pricing, but we also offer a 30-day cancellation policy.

Vendor Co-Op Program Ask about earning additional money back for unused service.

Scalability We support over 500 data centers with multiple call centers, several different stocking locations for parts, international hubs, and a complete nationwide field force – all ready to deliver what you need, when you need it.

What if you could get money back for the systems maintenance you don't use?

Our Vendor Co-Op Program ensures you pay for what you use and nothing more. You get monthly rebates on the coverage you don’t use, full service regardless of how much you save, and flexible savings with customizable service level agreements (SLAs).

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We support these OEMs and more.

Additional equipment is also supported. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us to see how we can help you breathe new life into end-of-life hardware with third party hardware maintenance.

Stop spending an arm and a leg on OEM maintenance.

It’s time to get the hardware maintenance you need at a price that helps you grow.

The transition was seamless. A typical pain point for us is providing internal access for multiple third party contractor personnel. EmconIT made everything easier and created faster response times.

- R.Z., Fortune 500 Technology Company

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