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Serving Fortune 500 and all size customers for over 25 years is its own endorsement. No firm thrives that long without being the kind of partner customers want to work with. We’ve earned a lot of praise in those 25 years, thanks to our commitment to the personal touch and being a partner to count on. Here are some notes from our customers.

I have a personal connection with the EmconIT and can call someone, lay out my problem, and work out a solution. That’s very important to me.

- E.M., Large Healthcare, Technology Company

I had older servers, and the agreements from the OEM were very expensive. I reached out to EmconIT and the pricing came back a lot more competitive.

- E.M., Large Healthcare, Technology Company

When we have an internal billing issues, EmconIT is far more thorough than other vendors we deal with and this makes finding the solutions so much easier.

- C.K., Global Defense, Aerospace, and Security Company

EmconIT is very customer-focused. It’s all about the service to the customer regardless of the money, the time, how hard – it’s about getting it done and minimizing outages.

- R.S., Privately-Held Global Publishing Company

A lot of suppliers will respond with what they think you want as opposed to making sure they know what you want. EmconIT knows what we want and understands our business. That’s what sets them apart.

- T.C., Fortune 250 Technology Company

The transition was seamless. A typical pain point for us is providing internal access for multiple third party contractor personnel. EmconIT made everything easier and created faster response times.

- R.Z., Fortune 500 Technology Company

Case Studies

EmconIT’s commitment to its customers speaks for itself with 25 years of service and plenty of endorsements. Some new businesses, though, may wonder if we can help them in their specific issues. To show how we can help you particularly, we’ve put together a slate of case studies that illustrates some specific projects we’ve seen through over the years. From car rental to healthcare to insurance and beyond, EmconIT is ready to help.

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