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The sheer range of IT-related services available these days can leave businesses scratching their heads as to what they need. We customize our services to fit your needs and stay with you while your business evolves.

Data Center Relocation Whether you’re incorporating a move to a remote data center into your disaster recovery planning or making your data center more accessible to remote workers, it takes skill and careful planning.

Data Destruction Part of data storage is data destruction, which removes old, out-of-date data from your systems. Failure to completely destroy data leaves it available for potential theft. That opens your customers up to identity theft and you to potential fines and court actions, especially in highly-regulated markets like healthcare and finance.

Level 1 Help Desk While Level 1 Help Desk operations can be similar across businesses, some companies require customization to their individual needs. Many functions are universal such as issues with Windows or Skype. Some are highly specific such as issues with proprietary software. A provider that can handle both the general and the individual is crucial to your success.

I.M.A.C. Service If your business is planning a move, the logistical challenges of IT relocation can be daunting. With EmconIT’s I.M.A.C. service, we handle all the planning, packing, transportation, unpacking, installation, and testing you need for a stress-free move.

Staffing on a Project Basis Ever need a couple extra dispatchers for the “busy season”? A technology expert for just long enough to get a project off the ground? Hiring staff on a project basis can help smooth out those rough spots and turn crunch time into a normal day at the office.

EmconIT delivers these services to you along with superior customer service and a level of responsiveness and accountability you won’t find in any other partner.

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I had older servers, and the agreements from the OEM were very expensive. I reached out to EmconIT and the pricing came back a lot more competitive.

- E.M., Large Healthcare, Technology Company

Other Services


Dell EMC, HP3PAR, and NetApp are just a few in the wide range of vendors we service, and our customers save 60-80% on hardware maintenance.

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Let us manage your hardware lifecycle including certified hardware full unit upgrades, installation, storage/memory extensions, warranties, and more.

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