Build a Better Bottom Line by Reducing Data Center Hardware Costs

Improving profit in business requires either a reduction in costs or an increase in revenue. One solid way to reduce costs is to work toward reducing data center hardware costs. There are some simple ways to do just that.

How to Go About Reducing Data Center Hardware Costs

There are some key points about reducing data center hardware costs that every data center user should consider.

New and used hardware. Depending on specific circumstances, using pre-owned hardware can represent a significant cost savings in data center hardware. Though some may be concerned about end-of-life issues and reliability, a third-party maintenance program can get users out from under the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) thumb and taking advantage of older, yet still viable, hardware.

Check your switches. Networks depend on switches. Some, however, overbuy on switches to ensure that the network has the best performance it can have. Not a bad instinct, but it's costing money that may not need to be spent. Perhaps some switches in a network don't need to offer the most advanced levels of performance. Perhaps some don't need all the bells and whistles they have. By reconsidering your switches, you may save some money.

Cables are not one-size-fits-all. While some may think of cables as a way to connect hardware A to hardware B, there's more going on here than that. By investing in better cables now, you can take advantage of improved speeds that may reduce demand on some parts of the network. This can achieve cost savings, and all from getting the best in cables.

Consider the cloud. One of the best ways to start reducing data center hardware costs is to stop needing hardware. This may only have limited value, but if there's a way to offload certain network processes to the cloud, then there's an avenue to check out. By having less to do, you can dial back the hardware in place and carry on as normal.

When You Need Help Reducing Data Center Hardware Costs

Some standard ways to start reducing data center hardware costs don't always work for every company, so a bit of specialized experience is called for. For the best in specialized data center operations, drop us a line at EmconIT. We've worked with a wide range of data center operations, cloud and colocation operations, and our relationships with companies like HPE 3Par and NetApp mean a greater value for our clients. Take advantage of our data center experience, and get in touch with us to get the ball rolling.