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Challenges of a Data Center Migration and How to Approach Them

It doesn’t matter what caused it – if you experience a data migration mishap, your reputation may be affected. Whether a massive hurricane swept through and wiped you out or malicious malware got to your data, the results are undesirable. When it comes to data center migration, what can you do to protect your data and your reputation?

Choose the Right Leaders

One of the first places you need to look is your personnel. Who is playing the key roles in this venture? A lot happens during a data center migration, which is why it’s important to have the best people in place to manage the various aspects of the migration and ensure that nothing goes wrong.

What’s Going Upstream and Downstream?

It doesn’t matter if you’re embarking on a data center migration that is logical or physical – there are interdependencies that need to be accounted for. You need to know the subset of your IT infrastructure and which way it is moving so all the interdependent pieces are moved at the same time. Everyone at the table should be able to validate all interdependencies.

Back It Up

Changes occur during a data center migration, which is why you have to maintain a data backup and restoration plan. This will result in far fewer headaches when you go live with your new location. But before you de-install anything, whether it is hardware or software, validate that all your backups have gone through as intended. This should occur ahead of your actual event.

Be Aware of the Fragile Areas

Application delivery optimization (ADO) is among the more delicate aspects of the migration. If you’re using optimizers and load balancers, look into the layers to see how they are configured to get a better idea of how to manage the migration without ADO-related roadblocks.

Don’t Get Bogged Down with Post-Migration Testing

The best way to avoid all the confusion that comes with the testing period following a migration is to communicate how things will actually work with everyone involved. Most people already have a vision of what it “should” look like, but they need to know the way it actually is.

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