Cloud Storage: From Your Premises to Your Cloud

These days, it's almost unthinkable to not have some kind of cloud storage capability. That wasn't always so, however; when it got started, there were plenty who thought cloud storage was an open invitation to have your information stolen. To get a look at where it all started—and maybe get some insight into the future—let's run down the history of cloud storage.

Cloud Storage in the Beginning

Back in the earliest days of the computer, storage was mainly a local affair. Basic hard disks were the primary method of bulk storage. Since most data was kept on paper, it was more important to store paper than it was to store electronic data, which was mainly limited to works-in-progress or some particular bits that needed to be close at hand.

Cloud Storage Starts with NAS

The biggest development to start cloud storage options was network attached storage (NAS), a system that would allow users at individual terminals to access data contained at a central source. Companies like NetApp were involved in these early days, and the growth of NAS solutions was intended as a way to address the growing amount of and need for data. Large enterprises were first, while small businesses followed.

NAS Evolves into Full Cloud Storage

With even consumers getting access to NAS, demand for data continued to explode, calling for refinement. Purely cloud-based storage systems, such as Dropbox, emerged, and businesses began to see the value in off-site storage of even sensitive data. From disaster recovery to telecommuting, cloud storage proved its worth as more than just a new storage system.

Cloud Storage: No Longer Alone

This gets us to the modern era of cloud storage, and now, cloud storage isn't just cloud storage. More often, it's part of a hybrid strategy with both cloud and on-premises storage elements working together. Cloud makes an excellent backup and works well for remote access. No one's putting all their eggs in the cloud basket, though, keeping local data on hand as well. Here, tools like Active Directory stepped in to make cloud storage part of a larger plan.

Where is Cloud Storage Going?

We've seen cloud storage go from nonexistent to vital, and where we'll see it go is unclear. For the best insight into cloud storage's future, and how you can take advantage of that, just drop us a line at EmconIT. We support a range of cloud storage operations, including NetApp, one of the original developers of cloud storage, as well as Dell EMC and HP 3Par, thanks to our program of third-party hardware maintenance. So for better insight in cloud storage, and what you can do with it, just get in touch with us.