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Data Management in 2018: What You Should Know

With the new year's still-recent arrival, organizations—and people—are looking forward, and trying to see what potential new trends will emerge to make life better, or possibly worse. Getting a handle on what to take advantage of, and what to avoid, can make a new year turn out a lot happier for the effort. It's no different in data management, and there are some emerging trends that may shake up the new year before it's barely started.

What Trends are ahead for Data Management?

2018 in data management will be a year full of change, both good and ill. Some of the change, however, will look very familiar to long-term viewers.

AI and machine learning will carry on. While the last couple of years have been “the year of AI,” this year will likely continue to promote the development. Concrete benefits from AI investment have yet to be realized, and with concern still high in this sector, developments may be slow in coming, but will gain ground.

Less management, more organization. Data management itself will come under fire in 2018, as more organizations look to organize, rather than manage, data. With users needing data, and more users calling for more data rapidly, managing data will take a back seat to organization and making it more readily available.

Big data, still a thing. The value of big data operations has already shown through, and this dovetails into the previous trend; it's less about management, more about organization, and the piles of raw data that become insights through big data analytics will be more valuable than ever.

Papers, please. Data security will be more important now than it's ever been. The rising importance of data security is evident with the sheer number of data breaches, and new regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make keeping data protected an important trend in 2018.

Flash gains. Flash memory, one of the leading means of storing data, is likely to be a big part of 2018 as the technology improves and prices fall. Upgrades in overall performance will prompt growing interest, to the point where raw materials shortages may occur.

How Do I Get Started Taking Advantage of Data Management?

With all this to consider, the trends in data management may seem downright daunting. To get the best start in taking advantage, just drop us a line at EmconIT. We've got a broad range of options when it comes to data management, from storage to security to safe destruction.