Data Storage in 2018: Are You Ready For a Lot More?

If there's one thing that's been made abundantly clear the last few years, it's that data is the new lifeblood of business. Perhaps second only to cash, data means better sales and improved operations. That kind of value comes with a price, and that price is data storage. What's coming up in the data storage market for 2018? Knowing the answer to this question might help businesses get more out of that valuable asset.

What's in the Future for Data Storage?

The landscape is constantly changing in a bid to get ever more value from data. That means new rules for data storage, and some changes to old rules.

Keep more data, longer. As businesses discover the value of data, it becomes clear that having more data around longer is worthwhile. So instead of deleting even old data, businesses are turning to cold storage for data, a means to keep it—not necessarily active—in the event it needs to be used later.

Increased automation. Automation is hitting every part of life in business, from the factory floor to the C-suite. Data storage is increasingly automated as well, as data is stored according to rules of priority and data is automatically saved while generated.

More solid state storage. The debate between solid state drives and hard disk drives continues into the future, but more and more users are looking to the more stable and higher speed solid state storage for both long- and short-term data storage. Lower prices don't hurt here, either.

Hard drives are not out. The sheer bulk hard drives can offer, and at comparatively less expense, will ensure these devices—even with their faults as compared to solid state—are still a major part of the equation in data storage. Better technology certainly helps as well.

More industries call for storage. Some industries, like finance and healthcare, are required to store data by federal mandate. Other industries like retail are putting analytics to work to learn more from stored data and use those insights to improve business. Either way, that means a clear demand for more storage.

How Do I Get the Most Out of Data Storage?

Getting the most out of data storage starts with one simple plan: getting in touch with us at EmconIT. With over two decades of experience in data center relocation, security services, and more, we'll not only help keep your data safe, but also ready for you to access at any given time. No matter what the future holds for data storage, we can help you get the most out of this valuable resource.