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Digital Transformation in the Data Center Could be Harder Than Expected

Carrying out a task like digital transformation in the data center can look like a daunting task from the outside. Just getting people behind such a change can be a challenge. To help smooth the way, it's worth considering some likely issues that will make the digital transformation that much simpler.

What to Watch Out for in Carrying Out Digital Transformation in the Data Center

A few key points will take care of most of the major rough spots going into digital transformation in the data center.

Staffing. This is easily one of the biggest problems, a point Dell EMC recently tackled in discussing digital transformation in the data center. Companies engaging in digital transformation are finding such operations go a lot smoother when employees are better focused on the strategic level. It's also important that the everyday tasks go off as well, but by emphasizing how the day-to-day impacts the strategic, the end result will be smoother.

Smooth the infrastructure itself. Digital transformation often provides for smoother operations by reducing the need for infrastructure to handle tasks in-house. Take the opportunity digital transformation represents and simplify your infrastructure. The more tasks that can be offloaded to cloud-based operations, the less you'll have to handle in-house and the less infrastructure will need to be maintained in the future.

Use your data as a revenue stream. One of the greatest new tools digital transformation offers is analytics – a system that takes your data and turns it into actionable insights, or things your business can do to improve operations. All the data you collect—when customers make purchases, what time of year they shop for certain things, and so on—is now potentially valuable, not only in terms of revenue for your own operations, but as part of aggregate study for other companies.

Prepare for change. Digital transformation comes with many avenues for change, whether it's preparing for extreme performance—thanks to new technologies like flash storage, performance issues can be severely curtailed—or taking advantage of the developments of the Internet of Things (IoT). With fewer moving parts and an array of connected devices, the potential for data center operations has never been higher.

Where to Get Help With Digital Transformation in the Data Center

Digital transformation in the data center is a big task. When it seems too big to handle, get in touch with us at EmconIT. We've got rock-solid experience in data center operations, cloud-based operations, and security functions to keep it all in the best working condition. So just drop us a line when you could use some help making digital transformation happen.