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Edge Computing and the Data Center: A Powerful Force Going Forward

There have been a lot of new developments in data center technology in recent years, so much so that keeping up with all of them can seem like a challenge. There's one development, though, that's completely changed the way a lot of people think about data center operations, and that's edge computing. When coupled with cloud-based tools, edge computing is driving new possibilities in the data center and opening up this new tool to end users.

What Impact Does Edge Computing Have on the Data Center?

Edge computing is one of the leading developments in the data center.

Diffuse data centers. With edge computing, it's possible to have not just one centralized data center, but rather, several small data centers that can interconnect and share data. This makes the care and feeding of data centers that much easier— imagine trading a massive server warehouse for a small server closet at each of your locations — and with cloud-based systems, sharing data among those data centers becomes far easier too.

Improved data center utility. With a slate of growing technologies that not only produce data but depend on it (think artificial intelligence and Internet of Things operations), edge computing allows data centers to be built closer to the point where they're most likely to be used. Instead of, for example, transferring data from individual sensors in a fleet trucking yard to a massive data center, the sensors can send their data to the small data center located immediately by the trucking yard.

Improved security. One advantage of consolidating data centers and the points that produce data is that security can be improved. IoT systems, for example, often have a flaw in that they connect directly to the big data centers, and don't have much security due to their overall simplicity. A distributed approach, meanwhile, allows for the IoT systems to connect to a small data center, which can then connect itself to a central data operation. That small data center can have a more appropriate level of security, and if it's breached, the overall damage done is reduced.

How to Put Edge Computing to Work in Your Data Center Operations.

If bringing edge computing to your data center sounds like a good plan, you're not alone. Many other users have had similar thoughts, but the execution isn't always so simple. Simplify your execution by reaching out to us at EmconIT. We've got experience in data center relocation, and that provides us with enough perspective to help bring edge computing tools and capabilities to your operations. So get started on this difficult, but rewarding, task by getting in touch with us.