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Growth Expected for Third-Party Maintenance

It's a great time to be a third-party maintenance (TPM) provider, or a user of such providers. With new reports suggesting that more businesses are turning to TPM, it's time to look at just what's behind all the growth.

What's Driving Growth in the Third-Party Maintenance Field?

A combination of several reasons have produced a perfect storm of growth potential.

Third-party firms are winning customer service. A Forrester study found that three out of four IT managers were going to third-party maintenance firms out of sheer dissatisfaction with original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) responses and ability to meet changing needs. Plus, third-party firms are often seen delivering advice about how to get more out of what's in place and what should be brought into play later.

Third-party firms deliver on costs. A Gartner study found that it's actually considered “typical” for businesses going with third-party firms to save between 50 and 60% on contract costs over OEM contract equivalents. Some contracts can realize as much as 85% savings, though this depends on conditions. Regardless, the numbers speak for themselves, and loudly.

Third-party firms offer greater customization. While OEMs are generally stuck with their own product lines, third-party firms can step outside that box and bring in the components that are the best for the situation. Third-party firms aren't bound by the same box that OEMs are, so there's no risk of having to settle for one company's parts alone where another company's might do better for certain tasks.

Third-party firms reflect the changing times. Businesses are increasingly prone to look at pre-owned equipment, and the resellers therein. That requires the more flexible approach noted earlier, which helps also improve costs and provide greater value to the end users.

How Do I Get the Best in Third-Party Maintenance?

Growing competition can make it hard to find the best, so start by talking to us at EmconIT. We support over 500 data centers right now with the best in technical support engineers, and have a client network from the small business to Fortune 100 companies. If you're ready to take advantage of a third-party maintenance provider's benefits, just drop us a line and we'll do the rest.