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How Data Centers Can Provide Hurricane Disaster Recovery

For the six months hurricane season comprises, businesses remain on edge. This year especially has proven devastating and relentless. But with the right preparations and planning, the data center can offer some protection against this hypothetical, but all too possible, natural threat.

How Can Data Centers Provide a Business With Hurricane Disaster Recovery?

A data center can provide businesses with a level of hurricane disaster recovery that will allow for ongoing operations fairly quickly.

Immediate data provision. A data center can allow at least some functions to return almost immediately even with hurricane damage afoot -- assuming employees can find locations with power and internet connectivity to work remotely.

Faster recovery. While an office may be flattened after a hurricane, a remotely-located data center might be quite unharmed. Once basic services are restored, the business can recover its data from that location and get back up to speed with data preserved from immediately before the hurricane.

More efficient operations. Businesses will need every penny to fund hurricane disaster recovery operations internally, so a data center operating at its fullest will help lower costs and allow more resources to be routed to recovery efforts.

What Should Data Centers Know About Surviving Hurricanes?

A data center's power to help in hurricane disaster recovery efforts is limited by its overall setup, so keep a few points in mind when putting it in play.

Locate it remotely. Ideally, it's good to have a data center in an area not prone to natural disasters. Surviving a hurricane can be as easy as setting up shop a few hundred miles from the coast.

Provision its power appropriately. Sustained power outages can be a problem for storage systems. Be ready with backup power systems that can carry on operations for a week or potentially more.

Never skimp on maintenance. Make sure the servers are in peak condition, and don't forget to manage the power backup systems as well. Appropriate fuel provision, checking belts and hoses, and all those other matters will help keep things operational.

How Do I Set Up My Data Center for Hurricane Disaster Recovery?

A hurricane is a disaster, but hurricane disaster recovery can be a lot simpler. Just

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