How Machine Learning is Shaping up the Data Center

One of the biggest new developments in the data center is machine learning, and this single field is bringing with it many of the new opportunities that the data center can produce.

What is Machine Learning Doing to the Data Center?

Machine learning has a real potential to fundamentally alter the data center landscape thanks to a slate of new options for users.

Improved data gathering. The best part about machine learning in the data center is that it not only can learn what to look for, but it can also think of data to gather that people haven't considered. A growing field called data center infrastructure management (DCIM) can adapt its control systems based on factors like cooling unit settings and overall capacity, even for variable frequency drives.

Predictive capability. Machine learning doesn't just gather data, it can make predictions accordingly and prepare to adjust systems based on observed patterns. This works out well in a staggering variety of cases, from the retail show floor to the data center, where cooling capability can be increased according to a time of day that generally sees increased use. All of this works to help prevent downtime and produce better user experiences in connecting with the data center.

Incorporating the human experience. Sometimes machine learning seems like an excuse to start downsizing; why should pay people any more if the machines can do the job for free? Some machine learning systems are working with humans directly, taking sensor data as well as operator knowledge into account in producing results. This works especially well in unusual events that the machine may never have encountered, and thus cannot predict. It's also a valuable point to remember: machine learning is a process, not a product; it's not ready to go out of the box and needs time to reach its full potential.

How Do I Get Started With Machine Learning in a Data Center?

Taking advantage of machine learning in a data center starts with having a data center that's fully up to the task. Getting a data center that's ready for the job can be as simple as dropping us a line at Emcon IT. We have years of experience with data centers at Fortune 500 companies, and can help you take the fullest advantage of machine learning.