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In a XaaS World, The Data Center's Value Shines Through

It may seem to anyone but the most involved and careful viewer that everything is available on an as-a-service basis these days. Even that careful observer notes that an increasingly large number of things formerly available as stand-alone programs are now available as-a-service, leading some to call it an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) environment. In such an era as this, what room is there for the data center?

What Functions Can the Data Center Provide in a XaaS World?

Though XaaS operations have made substantial gains in the field, there are still some things the data center can do that XaaS either can't do or can't do well.

As a bridge. IT operators that are managing data centers right now can serve as valuable experts, helping to migrate operations to relevant XaaS systems while keeping the data center in play.

As a safe. While cloud-based operations are commonly safe, on-premises operations like the data center can be even safer. If all the data center's connections are local, then the number of potential bad actors against the system drops.

As a wall. Some tasks can really only be done in-house due to compliance laws, so the data center is left as the way to protect against regulatory punishments.

How Can My Data Center Match the Growth of XaaS?

While the data center's overall effectiveness against the growth of XaaS is limited, there are still some key points to help protect its worth.

Focus on service. Dissect cloud service offerings and provide those at the data center level. Include a service catalog to make it immediately clear what's available. Provide every bit as much service as the cloud provider does.

Cut costs. As much as possible, streamline your cost operations and pass the savings on to the consumer. Competing on costs isn't the best competition front, but it's better than not competing at all.

Concede where needed. Some things are readily moved to cloud-based operations. Others, much less so. Take the edge where it can be found, and focus on those areas.

How Do I Get Started Improving My Data Center in a XaaS World?

Getting your data center up to snuff in a world where XaaS is prevalent starts with getting in touch with EmconIT. Our wide-ranging background in providing services for Fortune 500 firms over the last 30 years ensures we have the perspective and the expertise to provide just what your data center needs to face down the growing tide of XaaS operations. When you want to get the most out of your data center, drop us a line to get started.