Is The Hybrid Data Center Right for You?

A company these days that has its own data center is making a clear commitment to on-premises data processing and archival that could be very valuable in the years to come. Yet companies going with cloud-based data centers have realized numerous advantages as well. What if there were a way to split the difference and enjoy the best of both worlds? That's what the hybrid data center tries to do.

What Is a Hybrid Data Center?

A hybrid data center is essentially what the name suggests: a hybrid version of a data center using both on-premises and cloud-based systems. Hybrid data centers use this combination of systems to allow data to be handled differently depending on the needs at the time.

What Can a Hybrid Data Center Do For My Business?

Since hybrid data centers call on both on-premises and cloud-based systems, they can often bring in some unexpected benefits.

A fit for changing demands. For businesses with a “busy season,” hybrid data centers are tailor-made. A hybrid model allows for extra resources to be readily called in—the scalability of a cloud-based environment demands it—as they're needed. When said resources are no longer needed, they can be put aside with no greater penalty than a reduced bill from a cloud services provider.

An analytics paradise. Analytics allows the data a business generates to be analyzed for patterns, which then become “actionable insights.” Actionable insights are generally things that can be done immediately to improve response to customers and create new opportunities.

New security. Cloud-based systems have had to prove their security; no one will buy cloud-based services from an unsafe provider. Meanwhile, an on-premises system can be secured your way, which means you get the best of your own dedicated security plus a system that must be secure to exist in the market.

Improved remote operations. Cloud-based systems are accessible from just about anywhere with an internet connection. Whether that means your remotely-located sales force, your branch offices, or your emergency backup location after a disaster strikes, the hybrid data center offers the remote capability many businesses crave.

How Do I Get Started Building a Hybrid Data Center?

While a hybrid data center isn't for everyone, it can deliver a lot of value in the right circumstances. Putting one together can be a challenge, a challenge made much simpler by getting in touch with us at Emcon IT. We have a wide range of data center services available, and can help you realize the power of a data center that's got its feet on the ground, and its head in the cloud.