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Is Your Data Center a Power Hog?

Data centers offer no shortage of value, even in the age of the cloud. Data centers can be used as backup systems, as a means to protect and analyze data, or even as a profit center, providing cloud-based services to other firms.

However, a data center takes a lot of power to run. A U.S. Department of Energy study finds that data centers account for 2% of all electrical consumption in the United States. (1) That puts all your new, hard-won profits and cost savings at risk of being shoved in an envelope and mailed to the power company.

How Can I Improve Data Center Power Consumption?

Reducing data center power consumption starts by reducing the demand for power. This can be done in several different ways.

Consolidate systems. A 2015 study (2) found that as much as 30% of physical servers are “comatose,” delivering neither services nor information for a period of six months. Shutting down these systems costs nothing in performance, but recovers wasted power.

Virtualize systems. Cloud-based systems can deliver savings of up to 50% on hardware and power consumption, including cooling demand (3). Why run every server in-house when only some may be needed?

Consider outside help. An independent third-party service provider can help better consider what machines can be eliminated or virtualized, when a system should used tiered data with different access speeds and requirements, and more.

What Can Outside Help Do For My Data Center?

Specialized service. Looking for someone to handle thin provisioning? Data compression for what's already there? Server clustering to better organize the system in place? Third party experts can deliver.

Zero politics. A third party's primary goal is to deliver satisfaction. That kind of independent viewpoint can better spot where problems are.

Extensive experience. A third party has built its business on taking care of data center needs, and brings time-tested knowledge to the table, so you don't have to be the expert.

How Do I Get Started Bringing In Outside Help?

If your power center is costing you, talk to us at EmconIT. We have an extensive background in data center power consumption, letting us know when to consolidate, when to virtualize, and when certain systems can be turned off altogether.