Let ROI Make the Case for End of Support Hardware

One of the greatest disconnects between IT and the C-suite is the issue of return on investment (ROI). Sometimes it's not so easy to boil down “if we don't do this all our computers will die and we'll be out of work” into a statement of profit and expense, but without that insight, the C-suite can't go forward. So for those times, here are points to consider in making that conversion from “we must do this” to “this is the bottom line impact.”

What to Consider in Turning End of Support Into an ROI Driver

Knowing how end of support can be an ROI driver can mean the difference between an approved project and one left on the budget office floor.

Improved customer focus. A Gartner study noted that customer experience was to be a focus of 89% of 2016. It's only gotten tighter today, so keeping your end of support hardware up to speed helps improve the customer experience, which in turn improves the odds of repeat business.

Open access to new technologies. Just as there's no way you're running a modern PC game on a PC packing a Celeron, so too are you limited by what you can access with end of support hardware. As new technologies from unified communications to contact center as a service (CCaaS) emerge, you'll need the right kind of hardware to use them.

Prevent risks. End of support hardware comes with risks all its own. Repairing such systems will be increasingly difficult as spare parts become not only harder to find, but more necessary as the originals wear out. Some users have seen multi-day outages as IT starts the scavenger hunt for long-discontinued parts. Additional costs of adding supplementary hardware to help the older stuff keep up will be part of the picture. Issues of customer safety and data security will only be part of the ongoing disaster that is end of support hardware.

When You're Facing End of Support Operations

End of support isn't an easy time for anyone, but you can make it a little easier with the right support. At Emcon IT, we offer support for a wide range of firms, including HP 3Par, NetApp, and Dell EMC. Since we focus particularly on post-warranty hardware, as well as end of life/end of support, we can help breathe new life into that old hardware. Cost savings are the king of bottom line drivers, so when you want to add that bottom line punch, get in touch with us to get started.