Mainframe, Cloud Market Growth Helps Optimize IT Operations

Big iron. It's a phrase to conjure within the IT market because, in many respects, it's where IT got its start. The days of the “big iron” mainframe may seem like they're gone for good, thanks to networks and the ubiquity of the PC, but they're making a comeback thanks to the cloud market. In fact, the growth of the mainframe and cloud markets can mean great things for those who want to optimize IT operations.

The Mainframe and Cloud Markets Team up to Optimize IT Operations

So what can the mainframe and cloud markets do for IT? More than you may think.

Greater versatility. A “two-platform” solution, as it's known, can be a huge advantage in IT. For instance, a Forrester study found that 72 percent of “customer-facing applications are completely or very dependent on mainframe processing.” So while the mainframe's addressing that, perhaps more back-office work can be delegated to the cloud, allowing both to carry on at once.

Backup power. Having two platforms running at once is a great way to protect yourself against sudden outages. When one goes down, it's possible to switch at least some functions to the other and carry on while repairs are carried out. If the choice was between a lagging system and one that's out completely, most would rather carry on with the half-working system. That's the kind of protection a two-platform approach can offer.

Foot in the future. Several different reports indicate that cloud computing is going to climb at a frenzied pace in the next few years. Having a cloud presence, therefore, allows you to share in the benefits therein and fend off potential competitors that would have an edge on you if you didn't have cloud solutions in play yourself.

Improved security. Mainframes do a great job of handling encrypted transactions to protect against outside threats. Cloud-based systems, however, help protect against the insider threat by better tracking user behavior behind just log files and SMF data.

How to Start Using These Tools to Optimize IT Operations

There aren't many businesspeople out there who don't want to optimize IT operations; after all, we want the best out of what we already have. And, for most of us, the only reason we don't is that we must balance expense against desire. So when you're ready to take advantage of the mainframe and cloud markets, get in touch with us at EmconIT. We offer support for a wide range of cloud and mainframe tools, including HP 3Par, NetApp, and Dell EMC, and can offer third-party hardware maintenance as well. Take advantage of what the mainframe and cloud markets can offer, and let us help you get there.