Multi-Cloud Migration: When One Cloud Won't Do

It might surprise you to know that multi-cloud migration isn't exactly new. In fact, many firms have tried to stage such operations, but it seldom goes how the companies involved would like it to. The move to multi-cloud operations can be difficult, but with a good plan and a few basic points in mind, the chances of success improve substantially.

What Should I Do to Effectively Stage a Multi-Cloud Migration?

Interestingly, the best plan to engage in multi-cloud migration isn't too far removed from the best plan to do just about anything. Some of these elements will seem simpler than you might expect.

Plan it out. By creating the right roadmap and business case, you improve the chances of getting the necessary resources, buy-in and similar factors to make the project go off successfully. Include a set of appropriate outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs) to show what a successful migration will actually look like.

Know what needs to be done. Your applications will actually be one of the biggest drivers in setting up a multi-cloud migration. By knowing what you need to support, you can make the best determination about how to do that. Maybe some of your current applications need upgrades, or outright replacement. Maybe you have some applications that aren't needed any more. Understanding what's needed and what isn't makes for a smoother migration.

Build in management and automation. Automation can deliver a lot of bang for the buck as it lets more be done with the same amount of resources. Cloud management tools help track the system's performance and identify potential trouble spots. This combination is a winner, so build both automation and management systems to get the most out of the multi-cloud migration.

Make the move. A multi-cloud migration requires, essentially, a complete change in the operating model of cloud systems. Systems that were formerly manually-controlled become automated. What do you do with the staff that used to run the now-automated systems? What about product updates? Do you need DevOps procedures to handle a larger number of updates like you'd hoped for? Getting these points down, among others, can clear the way to a smoother migration.

What to Do When You Need Help With a Multi-Cloud Migration

It's easy to get caught up in the technical complexity of a multi-cloud migration. When you could use a little help seeing the forest for the trees, just reach out to us at EmconIT. We routinely work with major firms like HP3 Par, NetApp and DellEMC, but we're also small enough to deliver the personal, consultative service that you need. So just drop us a line to start the ball rolling on your multi-cloud migration plans today.