Outsourcing IT: It's All About Savings

These days, the term “outsourcing” often comes with a hefty negative connotation. Yet when used correctly and appropriately, it can offer not only cost savings, but access to great new opportunities. Outsourcing may have spent a lot of time being PR poison, but there are ways to prosper from this concept without cratering a business in the process.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT

There are times when outsourcing just makes sense over any other alternative, including handling projects in-house.

Beating complexity. Dell EMC's Douglas Woolcock recently noted that even a cheap toaster represents about 400 individual components. That's a shockingly complex device. Even knowing how it's built may not be sufficient to make your own. So why try? It's not much different with IT, in that even the simplest things may be much more complex than expected. Take advantage of other companies' specializations and experience to tackle the surprisingly complex process that IT often represents.

Picking and choosing. The good part about outsourcing IT is that it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can comfortably keep some IT projects in house, while outsourcing other processes. For instance, many companies are outsourcing their deployment and support functions for “complex IT infrastructure,” such as high performance computing (HPC) clusters. Once these clusters are put in place, their operation can be done in house, and the benefits can be derived accordingly.

Diversifying effort. Outsourcing IT can be a great way to supplement your current IT operations. Instead of taking it as an opportunity for mass firings, why not instead consider it as a way to get more done without having to hire on a lot of new people? In much the same way that turning to cloud-based services can be a kind of outsourcing project, so too can turning to a third-party shop to handle certain elements of IT.

When You're Ready for Outsourcing IT

Whether it's just bringing in a little extra help or handing over an entire department, there are plenty of ways to start outsourcing IT. If it all looks a little too confusing for you, though, just get in touch with us at Emcon IT. We support a wide range of companies, including Dell EMC, HP 3Par, and NetApp, and can offer help with storage space, networking capability, server options and more. No matter how outsourced you're planning to be, you can trust us to get the ball rolling for you.