Spot the Gorilla: What to Look for in a Third-Party Maintenance Provider

In 1975, researchers from Harvard and the University of Illinois set users to watch a recording, counting the number of bounce passes basketball teams engaged in. Out of nowhere, a visitor in a full gorilla suit walked through one recording. When asked, most did not even notice the gorilla, despite watching closely. Sometimes, we get the same way, even when choosing a third-party maintenance provider. We get so focused on some things, we miss the obvious. So knowing what to look for in the best providers can be especially helpful.

So What Should I Look for in a Third-Party Maintenance Provider?

Don't miss the gorilla. When you're looking for a third-party maintenance provider, look for these important characteristics.

Flexibility. The provider should have no hardware biases that might prevent it from working on the particular hardware your business operates under. Without biases, the provider can be a single point of contact for all the systems that might go wrong, further simplifying operations and improving the experience. Flexibility of programs and contracts also helps, and if the overarching contract can be customized to your specific needs, that's even better. A one-size-fits-all contract generally doesn't; some points of boilerplate are useful, but customization can be that little extra edge.

Experience. The better quality the engineers, the better quality the experience. Experienced engineers are more likely to know what's gone wrong and how to fix it, so look for a firm that's been handling third-party maintenance for some time. Don't be afraid to check references or reviews, and see what other firms who have dealt with this particular provider in the past have found.

Focus. Flexibility is important, but there's also something to be said for focus. Specific specializations can be especially helpful for those who have specific hardware issues. A company that doesn't have a data center, for example, doesn't really need a firm focused on servers. Also, make sure that the provider hired can focus on your business, and isn't so overextended that getting back to you can be a challenge for the provider. That leaves you high and dry without needed help.

How Do I Find The Best Third-Party Maintenance Provider?

A good start in finding the best in third-party maintenance providers starts by getting in touch with us at Emcon IT. We've worked with Fortune 500 firms and many others for decades, and we can deliver the kind of value you demand in third-party maintenance provider. So when you're ready to spot the gorilla in the room, and get the right kind of provider on hand, just drop us a line and we'll get started creating value together.