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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Third-Party Hardware Maintenance

It will likely surprise some to find that there are a few disadvantages to third-party hardware maintenance that need to factor into the calculus of deciding what kind of maintenance program to go with. There are pros and cons to everything; let's take a look at how third-party hardware maintenance is no different.

There's a Bad Side to Third-Party Hardware Maintenance?

It may be hard to believe, but third-party hardware maintenance does have some disadvantages, especially when compared to maintaining your own hardware.

Lack of dedication. A third-party hardware maintenance provider offers support for a wide range of products. If you're maintaining your own hardware, you need only understand that specific hardware, and can focus accordingly.

Speed of support. Depending on the third-party provider selected, there can be problems in obtaining fast service. Again, that third-party provider supports not only several different product lines, but also different businesses. Can you afford to wait for an opening?

Minimal costs. Chances are you already have an IT department on hand, and for those who do, folding the hardware maintenance function into its purview doesn't require a lot of extra effort. Why not take advantage of a staff you already pay for?

...But Third-Party Hardware Maintenance Is Mostly Advantageous

All of these are valid reasons to maintain your own, but there's a lot to like in third-party hardware maintenance too.

Reputation on the line. The third-party provider's reputation is on the line. It has to provide the best service it can because it wants you to come back. It doesn't have the inherent reputation of the OEM provider, or the do-it-or-you're-fired of your internal staff, so it has to work harder to get ahead.

Greater flexibility. The third-party provider can help with side issues that might be getting in the way of a better experience, like network configuration or complementary hardware issues. Your internal support operations may not have that level of skill.

No need for divergence. Allowing your IT department to handle repairs is all well and good, but your IT department could be doing so much more. Providing internal security, handling operator issues, keeping licenses vetted and up-to-date to prevent unexpected true-up expenses...how much of this can IT handle when it's responsible for maintaining hardware, too?

So What If I Want Third-Party Hardware Maintenance?

If you're ready to endure the potential downside and enjoy the upside of third-party hardware maintenance, just drop us a line at EmconIT. We offer a wide range of support in maintenance, and even support companies like NetApp, Dell EMC, and HP 3Par. Get in touch with us and let us help you see what third-party hardware maintenance can really do.