The Cloud Means Big Changes for the Data Center

We've seen a lot of changes over the last few years strike the data center, but none so substantial as the cloud. The cloud has struck the data center down to the bare walls. So what specific changes have impacted the data center in recent days? There's a lot more going on, both positive and negative, than you might think.

What Changes Has the Cloud Made to the Data Center?

Down to the bare walls. Thanks to the rise of cloud-based services, many purposes that could only be accomplished in an on-premises data center can now be subcontracted to a cloud-based system. Fewer data centers are being built as more businesses take advantage of the remotely-located data center.

Strategy shifts. With cloud-based systems, businesses are now better able to consider plans that had not previously been available. Cloud-based data analytics systems are providing businesses with the means to analyze customer data for actionable patterns, and remotely-located backup systems are providing new opportunities to keep data housed elsewhere to make disaster recovery an easier process.

One size fits none. Meanwhile, those who offer data center capabilities are rapidly discovering that they need to provide a wide range of options to accommodate the needs of various enterprises. For every company there's a different use case, and the growing numbers of cloud providers must differentiate among each other by providing just the blend of services that businesses need.

Security a driving force. Unlike an on-premises data center, a cloud-based data center requires remote access capability. That means protecting the data contained therein becomes especially vital, and puts security at a premium. New techniques must be developed to protect data, and with so much data stored in one place, hackers have a particular impetus to attack the remotely-located data centers accordingly.

Rise of hybrids. Businesses now have an unexpected new choice: all on-premises, all cloud, or a mix of the two. The hybrid cloud data center has given businesses plenty of new options, and businesses will have to puzzle out what should stay in-house and what can be outsourced most effectively.

How Do I Take Advantage of Cloud Services in My Data Center?

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