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The Data Center and SDN: Welcome Friends

We've seen software-defined networking (SDN) deliver a lot of value over the last couple of years. It's allowed mobile carriers and other networks to deliver new opportunities to the end user, and provided a means to stand out from competitors. Since there is commonly a lot of competition in mobile and network operations, those distinguishing features are often worth quite a bit of business. As it turns out, SDN has delivered plenty of value for data center operations too, and is becoming a major go-to application for new and expanding operations.

How Does SDN Mean Flexibility in the Data Center?

SDN brings flexibility to a data center, offering a slate of new options that sharpen the bits on the drill of your data center, making it more efficient and flexible.

SDN gets around network limitations. Most data centers work with network switches and routers to accomplish operations, and since data centers also handle massive quantities of data, that means those operations can be comparatively sluggish. SDN allows many of the inherent limits to be bypassed, improving operations.

SDN takes advantage of new technologies. Since SDN is part of Open Ethernet architecture—a system which takes hardware and software functions and lets the two operate separately—it allows users to better select which tools to use to alter software running on the hardware itself, as well as configure the hardware for particular situations. That dual-sided optimization allows for better overall performance.

How Does SDN Mean Security in the Data Center?

A data center that isn't secure isn't much value to any user, and SDN can add value in not just handling data, but also in protecting the data within.

Rapid integration. SDN can be put in place comparatively rapidly, making it an easier addition to bring into play. The options that are simplest to add and use are most likely to be used fully, which in turn opens up even more options.

Better use of policy management. Using SDN allows the network to better be governed according to policies, which means the whole network can be managed with less effort. Instead of requiring rules for each server and endpoint, the network itself can be managed by an overall rule set.

How Do I Get Started Bringing SDN to My Data Center?

Improving your data center—or getting the best out of a new one—can be as simple as dropping a line to EmconIT. With 30 years of experience and Fortune 500 companies on our client list, EmconIT is ready to deliver the best in solutions to make your data center the powerhouse it needs to be.