The Future of Data Center Scalability Depends on Its Infrastructure

Increasingly, businesses are realizing how vital the data center is to continued operations. Taking advantage of all that data to find useful patterns to apply in decision making and improving other departments' access to information is just the start of the list. With overall data amounts on the rise, businesses have to make sure they're ready to deliver, and data center scalability becomes vital to producing the best outcomes.

How Can Businesses Improve Data Center Scalability?

Improving your data center scalability is a few simple points away.

Pad your storage. One of the biggest issues in data center scalability is how to deal with all of that raw data. Whereas we once wondered how we'd ever use a gigabyte of data, now we use multiple-terabyte storage systems. Here, it's time to consider new options, including cloud-based systems, that will allow you to better store and access your data.

Embrace the edge. Edge computing, a major new paradigm in data center architecture, is posing a new opportunity to drive data center scalability. Since it drives the center of both computing and data production away from the core and toward the edge — hence the name — the end result is a system better equipped to do more with roughly the same amount of infrastructure.

Take advantage of SDN. Software-defined networking (SDN) is one of the biggest new developments in data center scalability. Using SDN in a data center allows for better distribution of data storage because it's accessible from more points on the network. There's no need for a massive data center when you can spread the load out over a more manageable array of smaller data centers.

Bulk up your entire network. Data centers are valuable, but for those moving to edge computing, they'll soon discover that not only will there be more demand on endpoint devices, but also a need for a whole new class of devices like edge servers, gateways, and other tools. While edge computing reduces the demand for one big data center, it instead places a whole new demand on several smaller centers.

How to Start Improving Your Data Center Scalability

The value of data center scalability is clear to many businesses, but improving the data center's ability to ramp up to meet demand isn't always so clear. To improve your own ability to scale the data center, start by getting in touch with us at EmconIT. Our data center relocation services and experience demonstrate our ability to improve your data center from the ground up and make it more scalable overall. So get your data center ready for the demand, and reach out to us to get the job started.