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The Impact of IT as a Service on Your Bottom Line

It seems like every day there's a new great potential method for businesses to get more done and save some money. Sometimes, these methods even connect and provide both improved efficiency and reduced cost all at once. A recent examination from DellEMC revealed that IT as a service is one of the latest — and potentially best — new ways to increase cost savings and efficiency, having a double-sided impact on the bottom line.

How Does IT as a Service Offer Greater Efficiency and Cost Reduction?

While on a certain level, providing greater efficiency commonly leads to cost reduction by itself — if everyone's that much more efficient you may not need everybody you currently have — the two factors can also work independently of each other, as you'll find with IT as a service.

Greater overall agility. An ESG Research Insights brief found that those who used IT as a service were five times more likely to be faster than competitors who didn't use IT as a service in time-to-market measures. The brief also states that users were almost 15 times more likely to complete application deployments ahead of schedule and had 13% more projects completed ahead of schedule.

Cutting the red tape. A cloud operations model generally acts to reduce “operational friction,” as some call it, by making it easier to define workload requirements as well as pass these onto others. Tasks such as procuring infrastructure and integrating systems smooth out, which means there's less need for meetings to get everything straight or for wait times while someone finishes something that must be done before anyone else can step in.

Streamlined operations. When maintaining your own IT, you must accordingly maintain every part of it. You maintain the applications and the hardware that runs them. By switching to IT as a service, you take half of that immediately off of your collective plate, as the service provider is now responsible for the applications portion of things. You may have some work to do in keeping the local hardware running — the PCs and mobile devices used regularly — but the servers and the apps are all handled remotely.

How to Get Started With IT as a Service

Getting started with IT as a service can be as simple as finding a reliable service provider, and we at EmconIT have been a reliable service provider to a wide range of companies. We've worked with DellEMC providing such services, as well as HP3 Par and NetApp, among a range of others. So when you're looking for the best in IT as a service, start by letting us show you what IT as a service can do for your bottom line.