The Internet of Things: A Threat to Your Data Center?

To say that the data center faces a wide variety of threats every day is almost self-evident. Between ransomware, viruses, and data breaches, it's easy to forget about the threats that aren't considered. One major threat that often goes without notice is the Internet of Things (IoT), a powerful emerging system of technologies that means plenty of value for users, but one that poses a lot of risks as well.

What Risk Does the IoT Pose to the Data Center?

While the IoT has delivered plenty of value to end users—just ask anyone who deals in analytics how valuable the IoT is in providing fodder for study—it also ushers in new privacy concerns and poses several major risks to the data center and other systems.

Insecurity. IoT devices are by nature simple. They're often just a sensor and a means to relay the information generated by that sensor in one small box. That doesn't leave a lot of room for security. Moreover, they're often placed in remote locations like warehouses or truck lots. This makes them an excellent potential access point for hackers, and from there, an access point to your data center.

Complexity. Any time devices are added to a network, it increases the network's complexity. That means more things to watch, more points of access to manage, and more potential breach sites. This increases complexity, which forces businesses to detail more IT employee hours to better secure the network.

Complacency. Some IoT elements actually help manage the data center itself. Sensors monitor humidity, temperature fluctuation, dust levels, and more. It becomes possible to be overly reliant on these sensors, and reduce human management accordingly. This can be a major problem in the event of unexpected problems or sensor failure.

Structural matters. The IoT can even pose a problem to structure. All devices consume power on one end or another. Is your data center ready to meet the needs of new systems that need power, cooling, and other such factors?

How Can I Protect My Data Center From IoT Risk?

The best way to start protecting your data center is to reach out to us at EmconIT. With over 25 years' experience in data center operations, we've seen threats come and go, and know many of the best ways to respond. Even with threats that haven't emerged, we can offer insight into general protection for a system. So when the threat is clear—or even before it is—drop us a line and let us make your data center safer.