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The Latest Advancements in Storage, Your Most Vital Component

Sometimes it seems like every part of your business is vital. Your customers, your customer service operations, your internal accounting processes ... all vital. Yet imagine the chaos if you couldn't save one day's work. If that thought gives you cold sweats, then you understand the indispensable technology of all technologies: storage technology. A new wave of storage advancements are hitting the scene, and HP3 recently took a closer look at said advancements.

What Advancements in Storage are Poised to Disrupt the Market?

HP3's look at the market noted several new advances on the storage front.

Faster than flash. The growth of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) is producing new speeds that are making old advances seem quaint by comparison, and this is just a beginning. While many firms are going to 100% NVMe systems, there's still room for improvement, and no matter how you slice it, that means flash memory's speed advantage is on the decline.

More applications. Improving speed of storage access is crucial to a growing range of subsequent advancements and applications. Analytics is one major source of demand for improved storage, and as analytics improve to encompass artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements, such systems will need faster access to the stored data in your systems in order to achieve peak performance.

The rise of SCM. Storage-class memory (SCM) is what HP3 believes will help narrow the gap between DRAM storage and NAND storage. Each has its own drawbacks; DRAM is too expensive to scale and too volatile to count on. NAND can scale and be reliable, but it delivers inferior performance. With SCM producing speeds more than 10 times that of flash memory, the system's capability improves.

Improving legacy. Legacy systems that made the move from hard drives to flash storage often found performance declined as the system suffered from an excess of capability, but was unable to handle it. Thanks to specific adjustments made to SCM and NVMe, the system should prove much more stable and ultimately allow for smoother transitions for the legacy systems looking to upgrade.

How to Start Taking Advantage of the Latest in Storage

From saving a day's work to saving a body of work for analysis, storage is the key to making it all happen. To take advantage of all these great advances in storage, get started by reaching out to us at EmconIT. We work with HP3 Par, as well as DellEMC and NetApp, on several fronts, meaning we can offer you a range of options in storage, data center relocation, and more. All you need to do to start the process is get in touch with us and let us show you how powerful new storage systems can deliver value to you.