The Private Data Center Is Still a Viable Alternative

It's clear that cloud-based data centers are gaining a lot of ground, to the point where some, using statistics recently gained from Cisco's Global Cloud Index (GCI), are suggesting the private data center only has about three years to live as a concept before it's almost completely replaced by cloud-based operations. However, the GCI also points out that private data centers are also working, and even gaining, leading some to call this the “multi-cloud era.”

Why Is the Private Data Center Still Viable?

Cloud-based systems offer a wide range of benefits, so how are there still so many private data centers out there, with more being established daily? This is largely because the private data center has its own string of benefits to consider.

Absolute control. With a private data center, you call literally all the shots. You decide when to make upgrades, how to accomplish those upgrades, what direction overall the operation will take, and so on. For those who want complete control, start-to-finish, over their data and its accessibility, a private data center is the way to go.

Security. While cloud-based systems have made many great advances in security, environments are still often insecure. It's hard to match the private data center for the highest levels of security. Private data centers can be taken completely offline, making them inaccessible to anyone who isn't actually in the room with the servers. As long as physical access to the server room is appropriately controlled, the few feasible methods of hacking offline hardware are removed from consideration.

A match for regulators. In some cases, a private data center is an excellent way to satisfy regulatory demands. Some cloud providers have a good understanding of things like healthcare and financial industry regulations, but some believe that only those in the industry can truly understand the industry's demands, and work accordingly.

Part of a greater whole. Increasingly, businesses are seeing that the issue of a cloud-based versus private data center is a false choice. Both sides have their points, so why not take advantage of these points to make a greater whole? It's called a hybrid data center, and it incorporates the cloud for things like disaster recovery, backup, and remote access while also keeping the private data center for onsite operations and better security controls.

How Can I Establish a Private Data Center?

A private data center is within reach for most any organization, and a good place to start setting one up is with us at EmconIT. We have data center relocation options, hardware maintenance, and several other features that can help you get your data center up and running. When you're ready for an in-house data operation, just drop us a line to get started.