The Right Way to Engage in Data Center Migration

Setting up a data center migration can be a challenge by any measure. After all, the value of a data center has really shown itself in recent years, and setting up or moving to a brand new data center could be what takes a company from marginal to profitable. A few basic points can make the move to a data center a smoother, easier task.

What Is the Best Way to Carry Out a Data Center Migration?

Keeping just a few key points in mind can go a long way toward making that data center migration a decision you're happy to live with.

Determine what you really need. Planning is the first stage of any good project, and a data center migration is no different. Start by figuring out what you need—new servers, new apps, extensions of leases for anything in place—and what you don't, including whether it's time to end a lease or lose apps that no one's using any more.

Check your documentation. To make the migration easier for any equipment that's already in place, make sure your inventory paperwork is up to date before unplugging anything to be packaged for shipment. Make note of any recently-purchased hardware, and any backup schedules that may affect the move.

Accommodate your data. Data center migration is just as much about moving data as it is about moving servers. Take this opportunity to get rid of unnecessary data that is too old to be useful or duplicated elsewhere. Don't just consider how to move it, either; consider how to protect it while it's being moved to keep it out of the hands of those who would steal data for their own ends.

Take the future into account. Have you considered the value of colocation? If you haven't, a data center migration poses a great time to do exactly that. Have your systems been sluggish? Consider this an opportunity to augment what's currently in place with new tools to make it better.

What to Do When You Need Help With a Data Center Migration

A data center migration will never be easy, even with these tips on your side. When you need help—and it's a safe bet you will—just get in touch with us at EmconIT. We're the same firm that DellEMC, HP3 Par, and NetApp all turn to, but we can still provide the kind of small-firm service that you'll need to make a data center migration go smoothly. Our range of data center relocation and other data center services will help make the most of that new data center, so just drop us a line to get started.