Third Party Maintenance: The Bridge to Your Talent Gap

“It's hard to find good help these days.” This old saw is often especially felt in IT, where a set of skills is required that takes years to develop fully. While it does tend to vary depending on the field in question, the talent gap is quite real to one extent or another, and third party maintenance—especially third party hardware maintenance—can fill the gap quite readily.

How Can Third Party Maintenance Fill the Talent Gap?

A report from LinkedIn and Capgemini found that 54% of companies not only see a digital talent gap, but also see it negatively impact digital transformation operations. Here's how third party maintenance can help.

Ready-made expertise. Right now, trying to attract help in the IT market is like looking for unicorns in a sock drawer armed with a metal detector. You're probably not finding anything, and you may not even be looking in the right place. You don't need to add a fireman's pole or cushion-heavy “chill room” like Google did to draw talent; it's already waiting for you with third party maintenance providers.

Direct experience. Sure, you could sift through thousands of resumes to find that one golden hire that has everything you're looking for. Or you could turn to a third party provider that has a group of people that together provide what that one amazing—and largely theoretical—hire might have. Third party hardware maintenance providers have the skills you need right now.

Fewer restrictions. Most think of third party maintenance as the people you call to get more life out of hardware that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. That's part of the picture, of course, but only part of it. Do you need access to Level 3 support? Do you want proactive, rather than reactive, maintenance to keep systems running before there's a problem? Do you need someone who knows cloud storage inside and out? Third party maintenance providers can tailor-make a solution to your needs.

How Do I Get Started Using Third Party Maintenance to Address My Talent Needs?

If your roster of tech talent is looking thinner than you'd like, then take the step to address it and bring in third party hardware maintenance of your own with us atEmconIT. Since we specialize in both end-of-life and post-warranty hardware, we can help you keep your hardware running well past the time the manufacturer no longer supports it. Contact us today to get started.