Turn up the Juice: Prepare Now for Greater Data Center Power Density Demand

The data center has never been quite so valuable as it is today. Data centers are used as the home base for analytics projects as a way to improve customer service and, in some cases, to satisfy the demands of government regulators. With more data flowing in and out of that data center, its power demands a similar increase. Issues of data center power density are now significantly affecting the data center field, so before you end up with a serious brownout—or worse—take a few tips for dealing with these new conditions.

How Do I Address Data Center Power Density Issues?

Be flexible. Planning for the data center power density needs of today is a sure way to cause issues for tomorrow's needs. While planning a mix of C19 and C13 outlets might seem simple now, there's very little way to tell if that same setup will work for the future as well. With power distribution units (PDUs) seeing as long as five years of shelf life, it may be a good idea to build your plans with this disparity in mind. Some even suggest a single PDU for every cabinet configuration rather than two or three different models across all cabinets.

Embrace new technologies. One major help in the data center power density planning stakes is the Cx outlet, a hybrid outlet spotted in power distribution units PDUs that boast the new High-Density Outlet Technology. Cx outlets can accept both C20 and C14 cords which opens up new possibilities in terms of power distribution longevity planning. This is especially useful in lights-out data center operations in remote locations which are increasingly seen in use.

Remember the little things. Power density isn't something to plan for in isolation. For instance, some might look to bridge their C19 / C13 needs with adaptor cables, but this could cause issues with airflow. If the systems can't get enough air for their internal fans, systems could overheat, burn out, and leave a pricey repair problem in their wake.

Where to Go When You Need Help With Data Center Power Density Issues

If keeping data center power density matters under control is still looking rough, then it's a good time to call for some help. Specifically, the kind of help that's big enough to offer support to major firms like HP3 Par, DellEMC, and NetApp, but also small enough to provide you with the personal service you want. Just reach out to us at EmconIT, where we can provide that perfect blend of power and personal service that helps fix data center power density issues readily.