What CIOs Need to Know About Data Centers

Data centers are a vital, yet new, part of everyday business operations. That means they're not often completely understood, even by CIOs who are expected to know the most. Three simple points can help form a basic understanding of the data center.

What Can Data Centers Do?

CIOs need to understand just what a data center can do in order to get the most out of it.

  • Data centers store and disseminate information. You've likely heard of data silos, where only one department has access to the information it creates. A data center breaks down silos by making all data available centrally.
  • Data centers work with information. Having all your information together means it can be used more effectively. With big data analytics, a business can find actionable insights within all the data produced.
  • Data centers drive value-added services. Depending on the field, the data center can provide access to a string of value-added services. Data centers add remote storage, security functions, and more.

What Do Data Centers Need?

The more CIOs understand the needs of the data center, the better they can prepare for them.

  • Data centers need power. A 2014 study reported that all data centers in the United States consumed 70 billion kilowatt-hours per year.
  • Data centers need careful environment regulation. Dust in the data center needs to be minimized, and the facility should be kept at a steady temperature. Failure to do so could destroy equipment, so don't skimp on data center dust controls and other environmental regulators.
  • Data centers need tight security. All your data is in the data center. Be ready for hackers with proper data security.

How Do I Plan a Data Center?

CIOs who want an effective data center tomorrow start planning for it today.

  • Take your time. Ignore the demands to start now; failing to plan fully will only make the cost greater down the line, so take your time.
  • Brace for the cost. Costs to build a data center can measure in the hundreds of millions, and write-offs will not be quick or easy.
  • Account for the needs. Since the cost is so large, be sure to plan for everything the data center may need, as well as a means to expand it later.

Where Do I Begin Setting Up a Data Center?

CIOs have a massive task here. For help, turn to EmconIT. Our experience in the field means ever-present help in times of data center trouble. When you're setting up that new data center, talk to us to help you get it off the ground.