What Edge Computing is Doing for Data Center Management

Data center management has had to accomplish quite a bit in a relatively small amount of time, as the data center itself has fundamentally changed in the space of just a few years. One of the biggest shifts in data center operations, in general, is the move from core to edge computing. And with that move, there have been plenty of other shifts in data center management as well.

How Data Center Management Is Impacted by Edge Computing

Edge computing has reshaped a lot of data center management operations, and commonly, for the better.

Reduced complexity. Demands for improvement in user experience are generally constant. Wherever there are users, there are users wanting a better overall experience. Edge computing has helped deliver on further improvements, thanks to improved visibility in monitoring and better overall performance. Even as businesses focus primarily on value propositions, and leave the actual management to the professionals, edge computing helps reduce the amount of IT staff input required to carry out data center functions. Edge computing is also improving the performance of smaller data centers, which means more of them can be put to use on the regional or even city level.

Better value. Since businesses are so focused on value propositions and overall outcomes, data center management operations need to do more with less. There was a time when IT had nearly all of the resources it could ask for, but that time has passed. IT, meanwhile, has responded with a greater focus on automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and application delivery. Edge computing's inherent connection to cloud-based operations improves on many of those valuable new fronts at once.

Greater mobility. Since edge computing tends to focus on providing services as close to the end user as possible, it's helped to deliver a new advantage for mobile users as well. Mobile data traffic is skyrocketing, to the point that, by 2021, smartphone traffic is poised to outstrip PC traffic. Edge computing is tailor-made for mobile operations, which means that data centers can offload at least some of their processing while providing the same services and information for mobile users. Mobile users that can access the data center remotely can better work while mobile.

Getting Help Improving Your Data Center Management Operations

If you're finding the shift to edge computing a little too much to follow, or if you're just having troubles keeping your data center under control, help is closer than you may think. Just reach out to us at EmconIT, where we've successfully provided services to companies ranging from HP3 Par to NetApp and even DellEMC. We have a wide background in data center operations and can help put that little something extra into your data center management that will help make it to the top of its class.