What the Internet of Things Means for the Data Center

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents major changes in technology, altering the landscape in ways we can't fully understand as yet. The data center in particular is impacted by these changes, and will face both benefits and challenges as proliferation of the IoT continues. Here's what's ahead for the data center in the new world of the IoT.

The Internet of Things Brings Benefits

The IoT will create value for the data center in a number of ways:

  • Improved control. Data centers typically require a very narrow range of conditions to operate at their peak. With the IoT, it becomes much easier to measure and control data center environmental conditions, often from one interface.
  • Greater versatility. In some cases, improved control comes with the ability to carry out that control remotely. This includes the potential for round-the-clock monitoring staged from a smartphone.
  • Cost savings. Improvements in control provide additional benefits: a reduced chance of equipment failure, and the ability to better spot potential failure. This allows for better preventative maintenance and the ability to minimize downtime by switching to redundant systems more rapidly.

The Internet of Things Means Challenges

With every new advance in technology comes a certain amount of new challenge. The IoT proves no different here.

  • Enormous new data input. The IoT will generate vast amounts of new data from an array of sensors and systems, and the more such tools are used, the more the data generated will grow. This can lead to enormous potential expansions -- as well as new costs.
  • Significant need for security. This is a two-sided issue. Not only will the IoT generate new data which must be protected, but the "things" in the IoT will represent potential weak points to access a network. Simple by nature, their protection against hacking is often weak, which means the data center needs much stronger security.
  • Potential complacency. With improved new control comes the temptation to conduct monitoring work remotely. If something should go wrong with the sensors, physical signs may be missed completely.

How Do I Get Started With the Internet of Things?

With major benefits and serious challenges afoot, getting started with the IoT isn't easy. You'll need some help to do the job right, and EmconIT is ready to offer that help. We have the experience and knowledge of the IoT and data center operations to help you take full advantage of new developments. Get in touch with us, and let us take you to a future where the IoT means the best value for you.