What to Do to Get Your Data Center IPv6 Ready

When the internet was just getting started and IPv4 emerged, there were about 4.3 billion IP addresses that could actually be used. That seemed like great plenty, until there were progressively more IP addresses that needed to be put to work. New devices, new functions, and a general change in the internet's entire way of life—most don't even capitalize the word “internet” any more—mean a skyrocketing demand for IP addresses. IPv6 is meant to address that need. Is your data center ready to follow along with this change? Here's how to get it ready.

How Do I Get My Data Center Ready for IPv6?

The process of preparing a data center for IPv6 can be arduous, but given that this is no less than a fundamental shift in internet operations, that's not surprising.

Determine where you are now. Basic tests exist for determining if your system is currently IPv6 ready. Running these will help you determine if your system is ready currently or if it still needs work to get there. It's impossible to tell what needs to be done without first ascertaining what's already in place.

Prepare to run both systems. Even if you're currently ready for IPv6, it will be necessary to continue running IPv4 systems for some time. The two systems aren't compatible, so the world network operators will have to offer both IPv6 and IPv4 operations, a process known as “dual stacking.”

Consider all the changes needed. While IPv4 is still in its final countdown phases, and all systems will need to run both IPv4 and IPv6, the time to consider changes is now. Consider issues of remote access by setting up a simple survey to recognize an incoming IP address to standard remote systems. Consider external records; with AAAA resource records already in place, how are hits being tracked for your IPv6 address against your IPv4 address? Consider your monitoring systems; everything from content delivery networks to page load times are affected here.

What's the Best Way to Start Readying the Data Center for IPv6?

If the reasoning behind and the setup for a move to IPv6 sounds daunting, don't worry. There's a simple way to get started, and that's by dropping us a line at EmconIT. We have a wide range of data center-related professional services available, and if we can move your data center across the country, imagine what we can do for your move to IPv6. Just get in touch with us to get started on a path to a more reliable data center today.