Why Should I Use Third-Party Maintenance?

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.” That old adage has carried a lot of people through a lot of situations, mainly because it's so often been right. There are, however, exceptions to just about every rule, and one of the best exceptions is the concept of third-party maintenance (TPM). Using TPM can make a big difference in everyday operations, benefiting your entire operation.

Is Third-Party Maintenance Right for Your Business?

There are several ways to tell if TPM can benefit your business.

Cost overruns. If the current cost of maintenance offered by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is hitting you too hard, then TPM can represent some impressive savings. TPMs commonly focus on value, because it's in their best interest to be an affordable provider to encourage repeat business.

Custom solution fitting. OEMs generally have one solution on hand for every problem. TPM, meanwhile, can personalize solutions to each individual business, a point that's also in TPM's best interest. By offering clients tailored solutions, TPM becomes indispensable to each business that uses it. Why choose a cookie-cutter OEM when custom providers offer so much more?

Prevent “end-of-life” upgrades. If you're experiencing upgrade fatigue thanks to your OEM's “end-of-life” policies, turning to TPM can breathe new life into dead hardware without requiring an upgrade. That's one of TPM's biggest advantages: they can keep equipment operational even when an OEM won't touch it.

Scheduling difficulties. If getting your OEM to perform maintenance is like pulling teeth, count on TPM for increased availability and a dedication to delivering maintenance instead of manufacturing equipment. TPMs are also often qualified to deliver Level 3 service, an area that many OEMs actually avoid.

Improved technicians. If you're less than thrilled with the caliber of service you're getting from your hardware's OEM, try TPM instead. While some might argue that original manufacturers know their devices inside and out, such companies often have unclear intentions. TPM providers, on the other hand, specifically focus on servicing equipment, and can even handle other manufacturers' hardware as well. That's something most OEMs wouldn't even attempt.

How Do I Get Started Using Third-Party Maintenance?

If TPM seems like a good fit for you, start by calling EmconIT. We offer a complete set of solutions for storage systems, servers, networking, and even tape libraries. And that's just for starters! Whether you want to get more out of what you've already got, or if you just want to make sure your devices work when you need them, it's time to take advantage of TPM.