Why the Software-Defined Data Center Is a Smart Move

If it seems like the whole concept of software-defined anything has been gaining a lot of ground lately, there's good news: it has been. For chief information officers (CIOs) and other IT leaders, it may seem like putting blind faith in unexpected developments. The software-defined data center, however, bears much closer examination.

Why Should I Be Concerned With the Software-Defined Data Center?

Having a software-defined data center not only delivers several immediate advantages, it also offers a range of benefits in the future as well.

Reduces costs. A software-defined data center focuses on just that: software. This means that specialized hardware is much less a requirement than it once was, and off-the-shelf material can be brought in instead. Plus, the applications are again a matter of software, so the overall performance can be improved from there.

Improves business focus. While most businesses are focused on components—the various pieces of a business's operations—a software-defined operation often forces the business to consider how operations fit together. This reduces data silo effects, improves interdepartmental operations, and makes the business more responsive.

Offers better resiliency. The system can not only survive today's issues, but many of tomorrow's as well. Backup systems become more readily established, and remote use becomes a possibility which makes it helpful for disaster recovery. The system can better adapt to and work around issues, particularly in hardware failure, which helps keep the system running regardless of conditions and security threats.

Simplifies management. A software-defined data center allows for single-platform operations, which are always less time- and resource-consuming than multi-platform operations and also allow for better automation. By automating tedious tasks, the human element can focus on more challenging operations, which improves morale and keeps employees engaged.

How Can I Get Started Putting My Own Software-Defined Data Center Together?

There's a lot to like about the software-defined data center, and probably enough to get potential users ready to bring in some of that technology. Getting started here may seem like a tough task, so get in touch with us at EmconIT to get started. We've got the professional services you need to get the job done right, from cloud and colocation options to hardware maintenance operations and beyond. When you're ready to make the jump to software-defined operations, just drop us a line.