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A lot of IT maintenance companies out there want your business, but only EmconIT can earn it.

Over 25 years of experience

10-point certification process for all our engineers

Gartner-recognized for third party maintenance

Domestic and international service delivery

Hardware and software solutions

If you’re like most end users…

  • You likely get stressed at the thought of hardware end-of-life issues…
  • You struggle with the decision between supporting older systems or making a large investment in new hardware…
  • You wonder if third-party support can match the level of service from OEMs during the warranty period…

Cast your worries aside! At EmconIT, we not only offer you the high-quality maintenance support you need but also the ability to keep your hardware running well past its end-of-life date.


We work with some of the industry’s top vendors including Dell EMC, HP3PAR, and NetApp – and that’s just the start. On average, our customers save 60 – 80% off OEM pricing on hardware maintenance, getting the most value for their budget. Best of all, we offer a rebate program that ensures you earn money back; if you ever go a month without needing something maintained, we’ll offer you credit on future purchases or even a check outright.

Help me get the best value!


You’ve got a lot of choices out there in IT, but you want an approach that’s simple, streamlined, and ready to deliver value immediately. We’ve got hardware break/fix options, a software help desk, and support for storage systems, servers, tape libraries and networks – all ensuring that your network works for you. Our flexibility and Tier 3 engineers – each vetted by a 10-point certification process – mean you get the most expertise for your budget.

Shorten my to-do list!


Without the right hardware up and running at all times, your business grinds to a halt. Outages cost you money outright, and while it’s impossible to prevent all of them, your third party maintenance provider should deliver some peace of mind. With EmconIT, you get a service-level agreement (SLA) that ensures we’ll give you the performance you need, or we’ll make it right. You need a reliable network, consistent contacts, and proper communication. Get all of that and more while we take care of your end-of-life needs.

I'm interested!

Shifting points of contact, outages, poor communication… these are things you don’t have to deal with any more. At least, not if you work with EmconIT. We’ve delivered our brand of high-quality third party maintenance for the last three decades, and we can deliver for you too. All you have to do is reach out to us to get started.

Bring in third party maintenance, services, and support you can trust.

I had older servers, and the agreements from the OEM were very expensive. I reached out to EmconIT and the pricing came back a lot more competitive.

- E.M., Large Healthcare, Technology Company

What if you could get money back for the systems maintenance you don't use?

Our Vendor Co-Op Program ensures you pay for what you use and nothing more. You get monthly rebates on the coverage you don’t use, full service regardless of how much you save, and flexible savings with customizable service level agreements (SLAs).

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