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Your Trusted Data Center Hardware Maintenance Provider

Sensible solutions at a cost savings of up to 70% off your Storage, Servers and Networking Equipment


Professional Services

Offering nationwide data center relocation projects, data destruction and other data center projects.


Servers, Storage, Networking Maintenance Support

Multi-vendor Technology solutions offering significant cost savings for your Storage, Servers and Network equipment.


Flash Technology Solutions

As a Nimble Authorized Agent, EmconIT can fully transition your environment to one of the leading Solid State products in the market.

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Why EmconIT?

"Outstanding job your technician did in supporting the upgrade"

“I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job your technician did in supporting the upgrade of our FAS2050. I have very little experience with NetApp machines and he did a great job helping me with the upgrade. We have about 200 machines using this FAS 2050 and I did not have any calls today.”